Something about me.

It is my belief that every individual is born with great potential,
which only needs to be discovered and loved,
to grow and bring value to the individual and society.

I always find it difficult to describe who I am to someone who doesn't know me, I prefer to let my life and my experiences speak about me.
During the last 5 years I have been helping high school students building their competitive programming and algorithmic skills, brick after brick as a staff member of the Italian Olympiads in Informatics . The experience rucksack of those students comprehends now capabilities on different topics, such as dynamic programming, sorting algorithms, graph manipulation, and many others.
At the same time I have been tutoring high school teachers by means of an instance of Contest Management System ( CMS ), an online platform where they can learn how to code in order to better help their students to become masters in Informatics.

I love meeting new people and working in a team environment. I am very sensitive to social integration and I feel a catalyst in social engagements.
I like nature, animals, and spending time outdoor.
You will not find my profile on Facebook and I am definitely not active on Instagram, but despite the fact that I am a-social I am not antisocial at all, the proof is in the pudding.

Olympiads of Informatics


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