Soccer Predictor

In recent times, the advent of big data analysis techniques in soccer has become more and more popular. SoccerPredictor is a software that makes predictions about the number of goals scored by a team, once observe its behavior on a fixed size window on the game under consideration.
SoccerPredictor is an AI software, trained on a multitude of annotated events taking place during the past football matches.
Let me mention a handful of practical applications of this software:
  • Coach: SoccerPredictor can assist a coach in different technical decision makings. For instance, in the half time of a game regarded as lost the aforementioned coach can take some invaluable players out to save their resources for the subsequent, more promising games. Another application of SoccerPredictor could be exploiting the information on the outcome of contemporary matches in the same competition to come up with the best strategy for the following or current games.
  • Non-technical User: SoccerPredictor can be particularly interesting to those who want to gamble, but at the same time want to rely on Intelligent Softwares and statistics to play more reasonably.
  • Prosecutor: Fraud detection can be a great deal when it comes to soccer games. However, what makes a fraud claim convincing for the prosecutor? SoccerPredictor computes the probability of a given team to win the game, given its behavior during the first half of the match, for example. That can be a good starting point for the people in charge to start the investigation in case of an unusual win where there is a claim stating a case of cheating.